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Protect your (hair) blowout from the wind, rain and sleep

By REBECCA ECKLER Special to the Star Sat., Dec. 12, 2015

So many Toronto women are now getting regular weekly blowouts by professional salons, especially dedicated to blowouts, but the lifespan of a good ’do can disappear far too quickly.

We’ve gathered the latest products to keep your blown hair looking its best for at least a week — without having to sleep uncomfortably on your back all night.

La Vita Glam

Dannah M. Everatt, the Toronto-based founder of La Vita Glam came up with the idea of sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase to protect her weekly salon blow dry. Unable to find quality satin and silk pillowcases, and seeing the opportunity to revive an “Old Hollywood” beauty secret (think Marilyn Monroe), Everatt spent more than a year testing the finest fabrics. She eventually came up with the sleek GlamPillowslip.

“I want busy women to be able to walk out the door’ with their blowouts intact,” she says. The idea of using satin and silk pillowcases, after a blowout, is that, silk and satin, unlike cotton pillowcases, which causes friction and tugging on your hair while you sleep.

“Your hair just slides over the pillow,” she says. La Vita Glam pillowslips retail for $30 (Queen size) and are machine washable.

She also offers a Hair Slinky — a ponytail holder that resembles an old-fashioned telephone cord so women can work out with a blowout (a pack of three go for $8). “Women sweat most at the base of their necks, which can ruin a blowout,” Everatt notes.

There’s nothing worse than spending all that money and time on a gorgeous blowout only to face the rain. Rain Diva “have spent years perfecting the ideal hat to specifically protect a woman’s hair” from rain, according to its website. Some women swear by them.

The hat has a protective pocket (called a snood) that folds under, allowing long hair to fit without compromising the style. The hat is quite cute, with a modern yet vintage look. Once your hair is secured in the Rain Diva, your blowout is completely protected from the rain and wind. It folds into a tiny pouch that fits in a purse.

Blowout expert and founder of two Toronto-based blowout bars, called the Blow Dry Lounge, Beni Sicilia, who sells the product, agrees that the hats “are not bad looking at all. 

“When you see how compact they are, the Rain Diva hats are a no-brainer,” he says. “My clients love them.” They’re also available online, starting at $15 on sale.

Last year, Sicilia did more than 2,500 blowouts. He was one of the first to bring to Toronto the blowout bar, now seen almost everywhere in the city. He averages about 14 a day and is always looking for the next best thing to help women preserve the look.

One of his bestselling products is the $20 Morning After Shower Cap, a New York-based company.

“They fit really well. Unlike most shower caps, the inner lining is all water proof, made out of flannel,” so the hair doesn’t stick to it, he explains.

“It’s tight around the forehead so no water can get in.” Sicilia suggests to always take off the Shower Cap after you get out of the washroom, so no moisture gets to your hair.


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