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  • 5 Reasons Your Hair May be Falling Out

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    For a lot of us, hair is part of our identity, so naturally we tend to freak out when we notice it's falling out way faster than it should be.  


    Of course, some hair loss is normal. The average woman loses approximately 100 strands a day! (Crazy Right?!) But if you notice yourself losing way more than this, you may be doing one of the following 5 things...

    NO1: Too many updos! If your go to style is a high slicked back pony, you may want to change up your look. Having your hair tightly pulled back in the same spot day after day damages the hair follicles over time and causes day-to-day breakage in that area. For starters, try varying where you tie your hair (low bun, braids, ponytails). But the golden rule? Never use rubber bands to tie your hair! Rubber is a guaranteed hair splitter. Instead, grab a Hair Slinky™. They're designed not to pull at the hair or cause breakage!


    NO2: You're a Blowdry Addict! Just like sun is damaging to the skin, heat is damaging for the hair. Avoid blow drying your hair everyday, as well as curling or straightening it. Split ends are no girls best friend. These high temperatures cause extreme damage to your lovely locks. Take advantage of the Summertime and let your hair air dry! Spray in some salt water mixed with conditioner when it's damp and rock effortless no-heat beach waves.


    NO3: You Overbrush! Rapunzel may have brushed her hair 100 times a day, but unfortunately not all of us were born with 70 feet of golden curls. Do you tend to hop out of the shower and brush your damp locks right away? Though it may seem like your hair turns into a bee's nest if you don't brush it straight out of the shower, you're actually doing tons of damage to your hair! Your wet hair is far more delicate, so when you tug at it with a hard brush, you're forcing it to break and fall out of your head. If you just can't wait till it's dry before brushing it, try using a wide-toothed comb or a Wet Brush. 


    NO4: You're Stressed! Are you working crazy hours at your new job or going through a rough breakup? Odds are this increased stress in your life is causing your hair to fall out and break much faster than usual. Have no fear though! It should start growing back normally once your stress levels drop. Try doing things that relax you, like taking up yoga or sitting down with a good book. 


    NO5: Food Food Food!  A healthy diet will impact how you feel & how you look. If you aren't getting enough iron and protein in your diet, you may be losing hair unnecessarily. For proteins, try eating more eggs, meat, nuts, and beans, and incorporate lentils and green foods for added iron! Bonus: Your skin will improve as well!


    Strong Hair is Beautiful Hair!


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